Traveling, Moving and Living With Cats!

Cat travel tips and solutions for traveling, moving and living with cats! Researched answers and my experiences on everything from choosing the best cat carriers and travel kennels to cat tranquilizers and natural sedatives to safely loading your carriers. Our goal is to make cat travel as safe and comfortable as possible for our cats — and ourselves.

Before You Go Anywhere

Don’t let your cats end up as strays or worse! Be prepared for emergencies on the road — and at home! Check out some simple ways to give yourself peace of mind and your cats a chance to make it home.

Choosing the Best Pet or Cat Carrier

Choose a cat carrier that reduces travel stress for your cat, you and your budget. Select for Method of travel, Length of travel, Size of your cat, Cat Temperament & Degree of Safety for both of you.

Traveling By Car

When traveling by car follow some basic rules to make certain you and your cat arrive alive — and with as little stress as possible. Starting with never let your cat roam freely in a vehicle. Keep your cat in a carrier strapped into the back seat but should you tranquilize your cat?

Traveling By Air

BEFORE you book your tickets, think long and hard about the dangers of air travel to your cat. Not to mention the stress on your cat — and you! The Humane Society recommends avoiding  cat travel by aire. But if you must fly with your cat,  follow these steps for a safer — saner — flight.

Traveling By RV

We can adapt to traveling and living in an RV or camper trailer. But it requires some thoughtful preparation and conscious care on the road when traveling with cats. We must all share less space & new challenges. Before you take off for that big adventure, check out these tips.

Moving With Your Cat

Most cats aren’t big fans of change.  With cats the best technique for introducing any change is slowly. Make certain your cats remain safe on moving day and beyond. Check out these tips to make the move easier on you and your cat.

Best Big Cat Carriers 2017

Traveling with bigger cats requires a big cat carrier. Most of the soft-sided cat or pet carriers are designed for animals up to around 12-15 pounds and average in length and height. Much too small for my long, lean, solid Elfago and definitely too small for 17-20...

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Best Christmas “Tree” Ever!

A Christmas tree your cats — and you will love! No needles tracked throughout the house, no yelling at the cat to get out of the tree. Cheaper, and environmentally-friendly to boot. My only recommended changes: use felt or non-breakable holiday ornaments and drape...

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How to Have a Happy Cat Halloween!

How to Have a Happy Cat Halloween!

While a scary Halloween might be a treat for us, it isn't for our cats. And cat emergencies aren't the kind of frights we want either! So here are some ways to treat your cat to some Halloween fun — and keep our cats, especially our black cats, safe and un-spooked...

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Finding a Good Petsitter — Even on the Road

Finding a good petsitter is not always easy, but is often the best choice for the comfort and safety of our cats. Not only do many cats not like traveling, a petsitter is necessary when you have concerns like heat, cold, or illness. Here are some tips and ideas on...

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