Travel Choices When Traveling With Your Cats

At some point we all have to travel with our cats, usually to the vet if nothing else. The question becomes what are my travel choices and how do I make the travel safe and comfortable for both us? Urban cat owners may have the option of using public transportation, taxis or ride share. If so, check out the Before You Go, Choosing a Pet or Cat Carrier and Traveling By Car With Your Cat. Just remember to check with whatever transportation you plan to use to make certain that you are allowed to bring your cat and carrier with you.


Traveling With Our Cats By Air, Car or RV

Traveling By Air

BEFORE you book your tickets, think long and hard. But if you must fly with your cat,  follow these steps for a safer — saner — flight.

Traveling by Car

Some basic rules to help you — and your cat — arrive alive with some comfort and security. Cats in cars belong in cat carriers or crates.

Traveling By RV

Traveling & living in an RV or camper trailer with our cats requires some thoughtful preparation & care when we are on the road.

Traveling with cats is usually different than dogs because cats rarely adapt as quickly to environmental changes. Cats recover more slowly from stress and often learn the wrong lessons from the experience. Cats are also less social and more independent which makes them more likely to get lost.  And cats tend to hide silently when scared. As anyone who has spent some time trapped with a yowling cat knows, you can not reason with a cat. Like babies, cats do not understand, they experience. Therefore, it is up to us, as responsible cat owners, to make the travel experience as pleasant (and safe) as possible — from a cat’s point of view.

Happy trails!

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