I’m going to be doing a video of my own to demonstrate some ways to get even the most resistant cat into a cat carrier (hint: it helps to choose the right cat carrier), but meanwhile, I found this charming — and comprehensive — video from a small veterinary clinic to share.

Their techniques are very effective. I have had great success in using the food and treat method of luring cats into the cat carrier, but we often don’t have the time to acclimate the cat. Especially when doing pet rescues! That’s when the “Burrito Method” can be handy: wrap the cat in a towel or small blanket before slipping them into a top-loading or front-loading carrier on its end.

I have heard good reports from some cat rescuers and owners on using the Feliway pheromones for traveling and moving cats. The one time I tried it, it seemed to have no effect on the cat. But then again, Bella Dona was a very strange cat. (Ignored catnip but went crazy over chamomile, for example).

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these techniques and what success you had.

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