From Cat Travel Tips Founder & Owner — Carolyn E. Cooper

I created Cat Travel Tips with the mission of helping people safely and comfortably travel, move and live with their cats, to make cats’ lives better. I have spent my entire life living with  — and rescuing — cats. I’ve traveled with hundreds of cats and moved dozens cross-country. I’ve encountered almost every kind of issue and situation and through the years have gone from the unenlightened mistakes of the 1950’s to discussions with Cornell vets about current issues such as airline travel and RV living with cats. And I’ve made some mistakes through ignorance that haunt me at night. I want to prevent others from making my mistakes by sharing the latest information and informative stories — and hopefully a bit of fun and humor to brighten your day.

A contented cat and kitten napping together, confident of their safe and secure environment.

Princess Chalotte and Kachina, both feral rescues, now live lives of safety and security because of caring people like you.

I work hard on every piece I write and create, and I test the products I give feature reviews and recommend only products that either I, or trusted others, have recommended whole heartedly.

Running Cat Travel Tips is not cheap in time or money. From web hosting services, site themes and plugin services to photography, editing, video and other production equipment and software, there are many expenses to running this site. (Not to mention all the cat expenses to keep everyone happy and healthy.) To pay these expenses and to let me earn something for my time, Cat Travel Tips uses referral and advertising links which cost you nothing, but if you click-through on an ad, or make a purchase from one referral links, Cat Travel Tips receives a very tiny commission from the sale. How tiny? Usually pennies on the dollar. For example, Google Adsense usually pays less than .05¢ per click-through. A $10 sale on Amazon might result in a an .80¢ commission.

In addition, Cat Travel Tips supports a growing group of cat-related charities ranging from small local shelters and rescuers to large organizations, including international animal welfare and rescue groups. At least 10% of all profits are divided between a specified group of animal welfare charities each month.

Not all links on Cat Travel Tips are referral links, however, most are.

There is no preferential treatment, better reviews, or priority positions for products based on a pay-to-play scheme. I believe this allows me  to maintain my own personal integrity and remove bias. I also believe it is important to provide honest information an recommendations. Since, however, I am using Google Adsense ads I do not have complete control over the ads displayed on the site. I do attempt to prevent any advertisers I consider unscrupulous or unethical when I spot them, but until the site reaches a level of success that allows me to custom pick advertisers, I am limited in the control I have withGoogle.

Should I ever receive any products for testing for free, I will report them here and provide you with full disclosure. There are, however, no guarantee that I will review any products received or be unduly influencedabout the quality and satisfaction with the product in any reviews I do give . Usually, if I don’t care for the product but it isn’t actually bad or dangerous, I will simply not review it.

Ultimately, Cat Travel Tips is supported by the readers.  We rely on your support from simply telling your friends and family, sharing on Facebook or other social media sites, commenting and sending in your experiences and feedback, and using the referral links to buy your products. For your support, I would like to sincerely say thank you. It may not be my full-time job but I truly do love being able to run Cat Travel Tips and helping cat owners and animal rescue organizations make cats’ lives better.

Thank you for your trust, sharing and support. Thank you for caring about the quality of life of cats.

If you have a comment or question about how CTT works, please use the contact form to send me a note. I’m more than happy to help answer your questions.

How to Support Cat Travel Tips

  • Use our links – The best way you can help support development and reviews on Cat Travel Tips and its mission is by using one of our referral or advertising links when you are considering a purchase. For Amazon, it does not have to be a pet product but any Amazon purchase you make. 
  • Word of mouth – Tell your friends and family about Sleepopolis. Word of mouth is the best way we can grow.
  • Social sharing – Share Sleepopolis on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites.
  • Add a link – Do you have a blog or website? Consider adding a link to CTT.
  • Become a sponsor — Consider a one-time or on-going donation to CTT. At least 10% of all donations are automatically given to our cat shelter and rescue charities.

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