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Two kittens abandoned at a motel in New Mexico after rescue. Cat Travel Tips donates to charities like the one that rescued the muted calico on left.

Kachina and Santa Fe were abandoned at roughly 6-weeks old behind the Best Western in Socorro, NM. Cat Travel Tips donates at least 10 percent of all site profits to animal rescue charities & organizations.

I believe strongly in the need to support animal, especially cat, rescue and shelter worldwide.And I have been fortunate to be aided in my own cat rescue efforts by various small local rescue organizations and shelters. I can’t volunteer my time because I’d end up a cat hoarder. (Ask me some time about the first time I had to deliver legal documents to the Key West animal shelter sometime.)  But I can make a financial contribution.

Each month at least 10% of the profits from your donations, affiliate sales and advertising income are distributed among various animal rescue, sanctuaries and animal shelters. The distribution list will change based upon visitor input and perceived needs. For example, shelters and rescue services near natural disasters of need financial help to deal with the increased demand for their assistance. Also, I have a rotating list of animal shelters, sanctuaries and animal rescue services that try to help each year.

Please note that this is not a 501 c 3 organization (yet), so your contributions are not tax deductible. (However, if things go well…)

You can make a One-Time Donation to support Cat Travel Tips Here:

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Note: For subscription donations, your payment method will be charged the amount selected each month until you choose to cancel the subscription through your Paypal receipt or 24 months, whichever comes first.

FYI, I am looking for any animal shelters that allow people to arrange the care of their pets after they die in exchange for a donation or bequest. If you know of any, please contact me via the contact page. Thank you kindly!

Cat Travel Tips Charity Recipient List (in Alphabetical Order)

American Humane Association: Since 1877, the American Humane Association has held to our ideals, mission, and vision as the only national nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring the welfare of both children and animals.  I think of them as the “Red Cross” for animals. They are there when a natural disaster strikes and are often the only ones concerned about the animals affected by the tragedy.

Paws & Claws (Artesia, NM): Capturing and rescuing abandoned cats and kittens, and then finding as many good homes as possible (though there are never enough homes; Jill Urban spent two weeks working on trapping my Kachina after she was abandoned at the Best Western in Sorcorro, NM during the Festival of the Cranes in 2015).

Save Our Strays (Sugarland, TX): Fostering rescued cats and holding weekly adoption events (and helping me place a small kitten abandoned Thanksgiving Weekend at my apartment complex in 2014)

San Diego Humane Society (San Diego, CA): As well as sheltering the animals of San Diego, CA, the SDHS has been a successful advocate for local legislation to reduce animal abuse, promote better pet care through programs to assist seniors, low-income, related organizations, services and communities. (It also happens to be where we adopted Princess Nell, the smartest cat I’ve ever owned.)



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