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We hope Cat Travel Tips improves the lives of our visitors and their cats by sharing our knowledge and experiences, as well as contributing to animal rescue and shelter.

Cat Travel Tips is dedicated to sharing a lifetime of experience and knowledge traveling and living with cats, as well as new discoveries by others. Cat Travel Tips was started because friends and acquaintances kept suggesting it. Due to my own traveling, age and career I often meet other road warriors and cat rescuers. We share stories, product reviews, suggestions and ideas. Naturally curious and believing in the value of science, I would also ask vets and animal care-givers about their recommendations and experiences. I try to keep up with new research discoveries on cat behavior. So when people asked about traveling with cats (and even when they didn’t ask), I would share what I’ve learned.

I also wanted to contribute more to animal rescue and shelter, particularly cat rescue, but I could not volunteer without risk of cat hoarder. Or possibly becoming an animal abuser vigilante but that’s another post. Don’t believe me? I’m the only person to attend the Festival of the Cranes at Bosque del Apache wildlife Refuge and return with three kittens… At one point my family had 21 cats with names, 8 dogs, 6 puppies and a collection of feral cats hanging out in the barn. When my mother entered the hospital emergency room and they asked her the name of our family doctor, she gave them the name of the local vet.

Finally, a friend said “Look, why don’t you just start a website?” Thus, Cat Travel Tips was born.

I am presently semi-nomadic. In the past three years I have moved cross-country three times with my cats, and visited friends in four different states with at least one cat companion. I have a home on one coast while I work on another coast for at least six weeks a year. Meanwhile, I hope to move to Santa Fe, New Mexico at some point while continuing to teach and travel throughout North America. Most of my possessions are in storage on Olympic Peninsula in Washington state.

I have been living and traveling with cats since before I can remember.There’s a family photo of me curled up on the floor, bottle in my mouth, blanket in hand, arm wrapped around a black and white cat bigger than I am. (Alas, no one remembered the name of the cat.) I am sufficiently old I remember when cars didn’t have seat belts or safety glass windshields while the cats and I roamed freely, climbing over seats, sitting on laps and being left inside while a parent grabbed groceries. Ah, the “innocent” 50’s and 60’s. It is truly amazing so many of us survived. Therefore, I have stories — some funny, some frightening, some truly appalling, but I hope all informative.

Presently, I am exploring various forms of RV, camper trailer and temporary rental travel with cats. Keep and eye out for new posts as the adventure continues. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please feel free to share them using the Contact Form.

I hope the information here will improve your life and the lives of your cats.

The site uses affiliate sales and advertising sales links, as well as donations, to cover the on-going costs of hosting and development. We also contribute at least 10% of all profits to various animal rescue and shelter charities. The charities vary over time. You can read the full disclosure and you can find out about our charity support for further information.

Remember, our goal is to make the travel as safe and as comfortable as possible for our cats — and ourselves.


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